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Sexuality and fertility of women operated for obstetric urogenital fistulae

To study, sexuality of women victims of OUGF after surgical management in the urology department of the University Hospital Center (CHU) Point G Bamako/Mali.

Our study is conducted in the urology department of CHU Point G Bamako/Mali devoted for treatment of the patients affected by OUGF. It’s a prospective study done over 13 months period from June 2008 to June 2009. We studied all patients who are operated at least twice for recurrence and the sociodemographic data, the variables in relation with the obstetrics, gynecologics, sexuality, procreation, and the treatment results.

– Situation before treatment: More than half of the patients (52%) had not any regular sexual activity before surgical treatment. Seventeen percent of the fistular women have pregnancy against 69% who didn’t have pregnancy neither before nor during the trials of surgical treatment of the fistula;- situation after treatment: in more than half of cases (62%) the patients had sexual relations with husband. 13% of patients had pregnancy during the surgical treatment of fistula. Nearly 60% of patients do not like to have more children. The declared reason in 65% of this women was that they have already enough children and other for afraid pregnancy, afraid fistula, etc.

Urogenital fistulae are not a danger for life, but are a real handicap for women who suffer them. The Sexual, cultural and economic factors whom contribute together to the occurrence of this disease in women.

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